MorseKOB 2.5 Installation

Step 1.  System requirements

The program works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 10. If you're running Mac OS or Linux, try MorseKOB 3.0 instead. With Windows 98, use the legacy version MorseKOB 2.1.2.

MorseKOB 2.5 requires Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0. Most computers have this software preinstalled. If not, you can download it from the Microsoft site at

If you have trouble with the installation, please contact me for further instructions.

Step 2.  Download and install the program

  1. Open the MorseKOB 2.5 download file and copy the folder named MorseKOB onto your hard drive. (The usual location for this folder is My Documents, but you can put it anywhere you want.)
  2. The MorseKOB folder on your hard drive contains a subfolder called Text Files and four other files. One of these files is a 410 KB application file named MorseKOB.
  3. Right click on the MorseKOB application file and select Send To > Desktop to create a MorseKOB shortcut on your computer's desktop.
  4. Copy the Text Files folder to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MorseKOB\MorseKOB\, where <username> is your user name on your computer. This step is only necessary if you want to use MorseKOB's File > Lesson feature. Note: AppData is a hidden folder, so you may have to take action to make it visible (exactly how to do this varies with different versions of Windows).

Run the program by double-clicking on the MorseKOB shortcut.

You can uninstall the application by deleting the MorseKOB folder and the MorseKOB shortcut.

Step 3.  Try the program

Go through the Getting Started section of the MorseKOB 2.5 Tutorial step-by-step. It provides a quick and structured introduction to the most important features of the program. For answers to questions that aren't covered in the tutorial, be sure to check the FAQ.

Step 4.  Sign up for the MorseKOB mailing list

The MorseKOB group on Yahoo! is our primary vehicle for sharing information about the KOB program and its operation. By signing up, you’ll receive e-mail notifications of program updates and other news of interest to KOB users.